Why natto is good for you?
Why natto is good for you?
Why natto is good for you?

What is a Superfood?

• A Superfood is a food that is nutritionally balanced and is higher in nutritional value than ordinary foods, or a food that has a dramatically higher content of some particular nutrients or healthy ingredients.

• Superfoods are in between ordinary foods and supplements.
They can be used as ingredients in cooking or as health foods.

From "Japan Superfoods Association®"

Many foods around the world are known as "Superfoods."
Examples include cacao, the basic ingredient in chocolate; spirulina, a type of algae; and acai, a plant native to Brazil that is a member of the palm family. Other foods that have developed independently in Japan, such as nori (dried laver seaweed), green tea and miso, have been defined as Japanese Superfoods, and these have rapidly gained worldwide attention. Natto is a prime example of a Superfood.
This section will explore the evidence showing that natto richly deserves the title of Japanese Superfood.

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