How to enjoy natto in Japan?
How to enjoy natto in Japan?

In Japan natto was principally eaten in soup or "on top of rice." This is the traditional way of eating natto, and the style is still the mainstream today.Today, however, food culture has become globalized. As a result, the ways in which natto is prepared have diversified.There is "natto pizza" made with cheese, tomato sauce and natto.There is natto pasta, which is freshly boiled noodles mixed with seasoned oil and natto.It is often on the menu at restaurants in Japan."Natto-maki," natto rolled with vinegared rice and nori seaweed, is a staple at sushi restaurants in Japan.And it has become a staple in Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores.

How is natto marketed overseas?

In foreign countries, Japanese natto is sold frozen.For example, it is sold mainly in Japanese supermarkets in the United States. It is also sold in Korean and Chinese supermarkets.They can also be purchased in department stores in major cities in China.Natto is sold in the frozen section. The package design, the container, and the style of three-pack set sales are familiar in Japan.There is a very wide variety of natto.Natto is sold mostly frozen,so when you eat natto, it must be transferred to the refrigerator to thaw.

Where to eat natto cuisine in Japan
Restaurant Fuumin Chinese-inspired Home-style Cuisine
Aoyama Ohara Bldg. B1, 5-7-17 Minami-Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
TEL 03-3498-4466

The restaurant opened in 1971. The dishes, developed through exchanges with customers, are very popular, and the restaurant is always crowded.Among these, a particularly popular dish is this one:
"Sorry for the wait. Here is your Natto Fried Rice."
Take a look at this video.

This restaurant which recently opened in Kyoto specializes in natto cuisine.
Natsumame Original Natto Cuisine
561-17 Komatsu-cho, Higashiyama-Yasui Nishi-hairu, Higashioji-dori, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL (+81) 75-600-222 Reservations required

The sign says "KEEP CALM AND TRY NATTO."
The restaurant opened in February 2020. Its concept is to encourage even foreigners who have never tasted natto to try it.Natsumame has prepared original natto dishes that are designed to be easy for first-time natto eaters to enjoy.
"Nebabonara" is a rich, Japanese-style natto carbonara.
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