The world does not yet know the power of natto


Japanese Fermented Food Natto,
the key to Better Living

納豆 手・お箸

What is natto like?

Unfortunately, natto is not a food recognized by many people in the world.However, it is eaten daily in many Japanese households. Natto is made by fermenting soybeans with the bacillus natto.

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Why natto is good for you?

It is so well known in Japan that it is common knowledge that natto helps improve health.In addition to the outstanding nutritional value of soybeans, the principal ingredient in natto, a wide variety of components are produced as a result of fermentation.

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How is Natto Made?

The process of making natto is simple. Boiled soybeans are sprayed with the natto bacillus and then sealed it into packages to ferment and mature.The accumulated knowledge of soybeans, types of bacillus natto, temperature control and storage methods has dramatically evolved the taste and flavor of natto.

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How Long Have People Been Eating Natto?

Literature shows that natto has been made for more than 1,000 years, but the prototype was made even before that.It seems that aristocrats and shoguns also ate it. It later spread to the general public and became an everyday food during the Edo period.

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How should natto be eaten?

In Japan, natto is most commonly served on a bed of warm rice.It is added to soups or used as garnish. It is then used as a seasoning. Various arrangements have been created over its long history.

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『For Natto lovers around the world』
The Appeal of Natto through Manga

There is still a lot to discover about Natto for many people around the world. Read this manga to learn more about this wonderful dish.

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The natto fairy character Nebaaru-kun

The natto fairy character "Nebaaru-kun" is doing his best to tell everyone about the world of natto.

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Health science of natto

The health functions of natto are being clarified one after another by numerous researchers.
Here we introduce the latest results.

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Hello Natto !

We asked people from all over the world to try natto.
The way natto is stirred, the toppings, and the look of the first bite is different for each person.

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How to enjoy natto in Japan?

In Japan, there are many specialty stores that offer a wide variety of natto and restaurants where natto dishes can be enjoyed.

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Related Data on Natto

Various information related to natto will be visually represented.

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納豆 ご飯・茶碗