How should natto be eaten?
How should natto be eaten?

Global Natto Cuisine

In Japan, natto has been combined with sushi, soba, miso soup and various other foods to create exciting new dishes.
However, many other countries still do not know much about natto, and in those countries there are very few attempts to add natto to existing dishes.
So in search of new possibilities, we devised a few original recipes that combine natto with cuisines from around the world.

Chinese simmered fish with black vinegar and natto

An original dish that uses natto mixed with black vinegar as a topping for a Chinese-style white fish stew.
The flavor of the black vinegar natto provides depth to the taste of the white fish.

魚の中華煮込み 黒酢納豆かけ
Bruschetta with natto and tomato

An original dish that combines bruschetta, one of the classics of Italian cuisine, with natto.
Many people are surprised to discover that natto goes well with bread as well as rice.

Fried Chicken with Natto Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce

An original dish that combines natto and gorgonzola cheese with fried chicken, which is popular all over the world.
Both natto and gorgonzola cheese are said to have unusual flavors, but these two fermented foods go together amazingly well.

フライドチキン 納豆ゴルゴンゾーラチーズソース
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